Does Remarketing Go Too Far?

In our modern age of data, digital marketing has ushered in a new era of targeting…


But, like with all marketing, some are wondering when it goes too far…

When does influencing consumers cross the line and, to be frank, become creepy?

Depending on your marketing strategy, your efforts may end up falling into two very different categories:

Influencing Forcing

Aggressive tactics can get the job done, make no mistake. Television advertising is proof of the power of a consistent, in-your-face, buy-our-products, type of marketing.

But, with aggressive marketing, what are the long-term effects on your brand?

Are the conversions you obtain with remarketing worth the risk of deterring other valuable customers?

When it comes to creating a remarketing strategy, it is important to consider the impact of your efforts and how your performance relates to your goals.

As companies become more aggressive in their targeting, consumers will become more guarded of their privacy. It’s no wonder that Apple recently announced that they are imposing a time limit on how long you can track consumers for advertising purposes.

Are we really surprised?

How many of us actually like receiving 5 emails per day from a company? Or enjoy seeing our shopping history plastered all over our morning news?

The answer:


A remarketing strategy is crucial to the long-term success of a brand, but it is also equally crucial that it is created and implemented correctly.

Every target market will respond differently to retargeting. The data and performance of remarketing campaigns should be constantly monitored and updated based on how the audience is responding.

Metrics such as CTR, bounce rate, and conversions, measured against your performance benchmarks, can shed light on how your target market is responding to your re-targeting efforts.

To create a valuable remarketing strategy in our consumer-driven market, you cannot afford to offend or annoy your audience.

Spending Time

Spending time with your data is the key in preventing your remarketing efforts from “going too far” in the minds of consumers.

And, of course, having a qualified professional build and manage your strategies is the ideal way to ensure that your re-marketing efforts deliver sustainable success for your brand.

Does Digital Matter?

When, in the last few years of advertising, traditional methods have been turned on their heads, then turned back again, it begs the question…

Say “AdWords” to pretty much anyone, and you’re bound to get a response

Just like Internships, it seems that everyone has an opinion on digital advertising.

  • You can do it yourself!
  • You can’t do it, hire us.
  • Why are you even trying, when you could be doing ____

Advertising in general is complex, but I think the biggest difference between digital and traditional media can be summed up in one word:

Oh, Data.  Data is beautiful.  Data will tell you everything you need to know about anything, ever.  If you have Data, you have the world (just ask Mark Zuckerberg)

So, why do we shy away from data?

Data is like that friend you have, who knows you better than anyone else.  You earnestly seek their advice because you know you will get an honest response from them.

But sometimes, you find yourself seeking the advice of a more “complacent” friend.  Maybe it’s because their words sound sweeter, or maybe it’s because they allow you to continue on doing what you’ve always done.

Whether you go to your sugar-coated alliance or rough-as-nails comrade, it’s important to remember that the facts do not change.  The difference is how you are going to change.

Data will give it to you straight.
And, just like your friends…

It is the relationship behind the numbers that holds the key to all of your pressing questions.

With digital advertising, there are no estimates that may make you feel left in the dark.

There is no “estimated reach” or “household demographics.”  You can forget about “circulation” numbers and calculating attention span rates of people watching TV commercials.

With digital advertising, you have it all right there.

Exactly how many people interacted with your ad, exactly how many did not.

Exactly how many people watched your ad, and exactly how many couldn’t wait to skip over it and get on their way.

You will know exactly which ads people prefer, and which ones they won’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

And, do you know what you can do with all of that wonderful “exactness?”

Find out what people like about you, find out what you need to change.

Find out what you’re doing well, and find out how you can become even better.

After all, what good are we if we do not strive to better ourselves?

While it’s true that digital data can be misconstrued and misrepresented, is that really anything new in the world of advertising?  “Those guys” will always be around.  The ones who sit behind closed doors and hope that you don’t come knocking.

What is new is the tangibility of data.
You can see it. Right now. Your real performance. In all its glory.

So, the next time you find yourself (or anyone else) tip-toeing around Brutal Bettie in favor of Suck-up Simon, just remember that when it comes to the performance of your advertising campaigns,

That raw, steadfast, unwavering honesty is why digital advertising matters.


Internships: A VIP Party

The following was a contribution post to the Colorado State University – Global Campus blog. Read along here, or visit the University’s blog and read it there

1- Internships are a VIP Party

How do you gain experience with no experience? How can you embark on your new career before you graduate? An internship.

That seems to be the mentality these days. No matter where you turn in the job market, you are being bombarded with information on internships. The best ones, the worst ones, the legalities, and enough statistics to fill a textbook. There are countless websites dedicated to helping degree-seekers find their perfect fit, and even more that paint an internship as a golden ticket to a dream job.

While it’s true that an internship can most definitely land you a job with your dream company, I believe that internships have an even more valuable outcome.

This asset is worth more than a good resume, and some say it is worth more than your industry experience: 

Internships can provide you with connections and a professional network.

2- The best doors to open

Internships are much like gluten-free foods or adult coloring books: some people swear by them, while others think they are not worth the hype. For many internship fans, the proclaimed positive qualities surrounding internships can take on a one-dimensional point-of-view, that an internship will:

  • Improve your resume
  • Get you a great job
  • Make you a millionaire

…the promises go on and on. However, being truly successful in any industry means helping others and forming connections that enable you to contribute to the bigger picture.

You have to learn from the best before you can become the best. What if we viewed internships not as golden tickets to a dream job, but as golden tickets to a VIP party with industry leaders?

3- Connect

Participating in an internship gives you the opportunity to be recognized for more than just your skills as a potential employee. More importantly, it puts you in contact with people who recognize your passion to learn, and motivation to be a part of their industry.

While it is true that being an intern may sometimes give you an overflowing plate of assignments, it also has the ability to expose you to people whom you may never have met in a regular job.

Your internship will eventually end, but the relationships you form don’t have to.

Getting the most out of your internship doesn’t mean completing as many projects as you can. It also means connecting with established role models in your industry and having a willingness to learn from them. 

After all, many of them were in your position at one point or another.

4- Paying it forward

The next time you’re looking for an internship, don’t pass one up just because it pays too little (or nothing).

Sometimes those are the internships that truly value your help, and can provide access to people who can grow your career in more ways than dollar signs. Unpaid internships can also be more flexible and understanding when it comes to your time, which is always a plus for those that are balancing school, work, and everything in between.

Being a student at CSU-Global, you already recognize the value of academic knowledge and attending a university. When done correctly, internships can be a kind of career university with social perks of meeting your industry’s celebrities.

Although an internship might not always pay you in the traditional sense, it can most certainly pay off in connections and experience.

…and that, my fellow CSU-Global friends, can be worth more than gold.