Traits of the Best Marketers

You realize you need help with marketing.

That is the first step in achieving success.

That being said, how do you know where to turn for advice? Should you trust an agency or an individual? Which qualities should you be looking for when you hire someone in-house?

As a Google-Certified marketing consultant, I’m a little biased myself. So, bear with me as I try to deliver useful information that you can use in your quest for digital marketing stardom.


I think one of the biggest differentiators among marketers is not their number of skills, it is their level of passion.

Our drive to succeed is fueled by our desire to achieve.

In the two-factor theory (also called Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory), those with a high preference for achievement go beyond the usual realms of success: their desire for success is a key motivator in all of their behaviors.

They can be star students, or those who actively apply for awards. They can be those who always have their head in a book, or those who always seem to be “doing too much.”

Look for someone who does more than is required, just because they can. 

Why does this matter when it comes to marketing?

Wickes Results Matter

If you’ve been in business for some time, you know that “years of experience” is typically a key indicator of quality. I challenge you to downplay this mindset when it comes to marketing.

We have all met those people with 20+ years in marketing who cannot deliver results. Similarly, there are those still in high school who can grow an online audience like it’s nobody’s business.

Keep in mind that Facebook advertising launched in 2007.  Similarly, Instagram itself launched in 2010, with advertising really only taking hold within the past few years after Facebook’s acquisition of the social media megastar.

The exponential growth of social media demonstrates that the number of years is not the key, it is the quality of the efforts behind them.

Wickes-High Achievers

The future rests with those who continually push the boundaries.

Those who are actively learning the newest trends and technologies.

Those who face challenges head-on, are flexible in their approaches, and don’t approach marketing with a one-size-fits-all mentality.


Whether you want to hire a consultant, agency, or in-house marketer, your long-term goals are what ultimately matter.

Are you focused on driving traffic today, or do you want to understand how your brand will fit into the long-term reality of the digital age? Maybe it’s a bit of both?

Do you want the prestige that comes with a big-name agency, or are you looking for a customized, one-on-one approach with a single individual?

There are many “on-paper” considerations when evaluating a marketer/agency, but I urge you to also examine their willingness to change with the market demands.

Just as the marketing landscape today is vastly different than it was five years ago, our reality today will be vastly different five years from now.

When looking for the best marketer or agency,

Surround yourself with those who will grow with you.

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