5 Augmented Reality Ideas for Better Customer Experience

Move over Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality is here.

This next phase in VR allows users to interact with products and experiences within their own world.

Think of it like a Virtual Reality scene that has been superimposed over where you are sitting right now. If you have ever played Pokemon Go, or were around during the 2016 viral phenomenon, then you have already been introduced to Augmented Reality technology.

Here are five ways that Augmented Reality can provide better customer experience and help your brand differentiate itself in the marketplace.

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1. Online Retail Experience

wayfair augmented reality app
Image Source: TechCrunch

Retailers like Wayfair and Ikea are demonstrating just how powerful this tech is when it comes to the online retail environment.

Instead of just seeing pictures or videos of your product in action, AR can allow consumers to literally see an item in their own space. As you can imagine, this tech is extremely helpful for furniture and decor shopping.

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2. In-Store Shopping

retail store augmented reality app
Image Source: Hubspot

AR isn’t just for the online shopping space. Having an Augmented Reality app for in-store users can allow them to engage with products in new ways.

Product info overlays including pricing and special features can help to provide valuable information to shoppers in a fun and engaging way.

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3. Customized Products

hyundai augmented reality app
Image Source: Auggd

Envisioning customized products can be difficult, but Augmented Reality can help bring those products to life.

Even if customized versions of your products are mockups or CGI renders, being able to “explore” an item in an AR setting can add extra elements of uniqueness and personalization.

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4. On-Site Experience

museum augmented reality app
Image Source: The Synapse

Museums will find AR technology capable of completely transforming the visitor experience and making history come to life. Currently, many museums use pre-recorded headsets/devices that require visitors to “enter the corresponding number and press enter” in order to hear information on a piece.

However, AR apps can allow users to literally engage with the art. All from their mobile devices. How’s that for a fun family outing?

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5. Grassroots Buzz

If you want to truly stand out in today’s noisy world, you have to get people talking about your business. Promoting AR technology is a very “grammable” way to engage your audience and encourage sharing of your content.

AR apps are also ideal for video content, which continues to be ranked as the preferred method of content delivery.

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All for now! Hope this post gave you some valuable ideas of how you can utilize AR to literally transform the performance of your business.

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