3 Content Trends for 2020

It’s about to be a new decade and there are some exciting new content trends on the horizon.

If you want to revamp your brand, or just stay up-to-date, here are three trends that you can start using today in your content strategy.

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1. Micro-influencers

You might be tired of hearing about “influencers” and the conflicting information out there on their effectiveness. But I want to propose an often overlooked opportunity with influencer marketing: grassroots appeal via micro-influencers.

What is a micro-influencer? Depends on how you measure success. In general, I would say anyone with less than 5,000 followers on their main platform is a micro-influencer.

When it comes to any influencer strategy, don’t just focus on follower count. Focus on the goals of your business and how partnering with authentic, genuine spokespeople can catapult your brand.

How do you find micro-influencers? If they are just starting out, locate them using popular hashtags. They also might be in a slightly different industry than yours: search online communities related to those industries (YouTube and Reddit are good places to start).

Look for quality. Look for authenticity. Be able to spot a star in the making. Once they “get big,” you’ll have a shoo-in!

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2. Custom Visuals

Video isn’t going anywhere. It’s still overwhelmingly the preferred method of content delivery.

study showing video as the preferred method of content delivery

Maybe you already have been animating your text and ditching photo stills altogether. Great! Now it’s time to get customized.

Custom cartoons, gifs, and animated infographics will help you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Think about creating engaging products like Instagram filters or iMessage stickers. Experiences that can deliver value to your audience.

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3. SEO Shoutouts

Algorithms are changing (as always) and are getting better at spotting and labeling your site for unauthenticity.

Earning links and mentions from authority websites will be crucial in the next era of Search Engine Optimization.

This process will probably require some research and investment on your part, if you are serious about implementing a sustainable SEO strategy. Purchased content and third-party-generated posts aren’t going to cut it for much longer.

Search engines want to see original, engaging, and relevant content on your website. Think about adding an SEO member to your team or hiring marketing personnel who can double up on duties related to content. Cross-functional team members will help your business to adapt to the changing digital landscape.

That wraps up this post on three content trends for 2020!

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I hope you found some inspiration for your brand.

Cheers to a new year and a new decade! Wishing you success and prosperity.

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