3 Ways DuoLingo Creates Positive UX for Mobile Ads

DuoLingo has been a game-changer in the world of language learning apps. Across the board, companies everywhere are experimenting with different pricing models to generate revenue for their mobile apps.

Finding a good balance between generating revenue and creating a positive user experience is crucial for user retention and app differentiation in the mobile marketplace.

Here are 3 ways DuoLingo has created a positive user experience through their ad monetization efforts.

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1. It’s seamlessly integrated

After a user completes a lesson, they are redirected to an ad. After a few seconds, the option emerges to exit out of the ad. On the back end, this process guarantees an advertiser that at least those few seconds have captured the user’s impression.

This ad delivery process is clean and non-invasive. In addition, the experience turns into a “break” between lessons, rather than a punishment.

duolingo ad preview in app

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2. Rewarded video

Rewarded video has been a gamechanger for mobile app developers. It puts the power of the ad into the hands of the consumer.

Instead of creating an aversive experience where users are actively trying to avoid ads, the process of rewarded video creates a positive connotation with advertisements.

Google recently announced new “Rewarded Products” tools for Android developers to easily integrate “rewarded video” into their apps. This switch in mobile ad monetization represents a larger cultural shift to keep users more engaged and less hostile to mobile advertising.

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3. Users can go “ad free”

Between in-app-purchase (IAP) and monetization through ads, revenues can become skewed for mobile app companies. Revenue models that depend on income from ads make it difficult for companies to justify offering a way for users to opt-out of ads completely, while still remaining profitable.

However, having that “opt-out” option for users is crucial for a positive user experience. DuoLingo balances lost ad revenue with options for monthly “Plus” subscriptions.  For users who are looking for a truly seamless language-learning experience, opting-out of ads is another option that positively enhances UX.

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