3 Situations: When to Get a Google Analytics Audit

A Google Analytics Audit offers the opportunity to examine how consumers are engaging with your brand and, ultimately, contributing to your bottom line.

Understanding consumer behavior on your website is a crucial aspect of making informed business decisions.

Here are three situations when you should consider getting a Google Analytics Audit.

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1. Your conversions are lower than expected

Are consumer calling you and subscribing to your email list? Are they making purchases?

Google Analytics sheds light on exit rates and bounce rates. These metrics can help you visualize the Conversion Flow taking place on your website. In addition, Conversion Funnels can be set up to track specific flows of behaviors across specific pages of your website.

A Google Analytics Audit is also a great time to examine how you currently have Conversion Tracking set up on your website. As a result, you can identify any conflicting code issues that may be preventing accurate tracking of your conversions.

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2. You want to know more about the impact of a marketing or advertising campaign

Referral Traffic is tracked separately through Google Analytics. In other words, you can see how referral traffic is engaging on your website.

Examining Referral Traffic can also help you make informed decisions about which outlets are giving you the best ROI.  In addition, you can use this data to help negotiate media deals and even identify outlets that might be good options for future partnerships.

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3. Visitors to your site aren’t behaving the way you think they should

Above all, being able to track the customer journey through your website is crucial. A Google Analytics Audit can provide meaningful data to help assign real values to consumer interactions on your website.

How many pages are consumers viewing? Are they simply bouncing off your homepage?

Analyzing consumer behavior data will allow you to take a closer look at your website’s User Experience (UX).  With this data, you can create a strategy and implement changes that enhance the online experience you are providing to your customers.

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We Can Audit Your Google Analytics Account!

A Google-Certified individual will audit your account, optimize your website, and train your staff on how to monitor your performance.

Services are customizable to fit the needs of your organization.

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