Does Remarketing Go Too Far?

In our modern age of data, digital marketing has ushered in a new era of targeting…


But, like with all marketing, some are wondering when it goes too far…

When does influencing consumers cross the line and, to be frank, become creepy?

Depending on your marketing strategy, your efforts may end up falling into two very different categories:

Influencing Forcing

Aggressive tactics can get the job done, make no mistake. Television advertising is proof of the power of a consistent, in-your-face, buy-our-products, type of marketing.

But, with aggressive marketing, what are the long-term effects on your brand?

Are the conversions you obtain with remarketing worth the risk of deterring other valuable customers?

When it comes to creating a remarketing strategy, it is important to consider the impact of your efforts and how your performance relates to your goals.

As companies become more aggressive in their targeting, consumers will become more guarded of their privacy. It’s no wonder that Apple recently announced that they are imposing a time limit on how long you can track consumers for advertising purposes.

Are we really surprised?

How many of us actually like receiving 5 emails per day from a company? Or enjoy seeing our shopping history plastered all over our morning news?

The answer:


A remarketing strategy is crucial to the long-term success of a brand, but it is also equally crucial that it is created and implemented correctly.

Every target market will respond differently to retargeting. The data and performance of remarketing campaigns should be constantly monitored and updated based on how the audience is responding.

Metrics such as CTR, bounce rate, and conversions, measured against your performance benchmarks, can shed light on how your target market is responding to your re-targeting efforts.

To create a valuable remarketing strategy in our consumer-driven market, you cannot afford to offend or annoy your audience.

Spending Time

Spending time with your data is the key in preventing your remarketing efforts from “going too far” in the minds of consumers.

And, of course, having a qualified professional build and manage your strategies is the ideal way to ensure that your re-marketing efforts deliver sustainable success for your brand.